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About the company

We are a family business based in the “Foot Hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains” of Virginia. Barbed Wire Sauces of VA LLC, started out for our love of smoked BBQ. It started with our first smoker and grew from there. However we like to eat more than just BBQ so our sauces are made to be “more than just a BBQ sauce”.

My family and friends asked me to create my own sauces. So with that my journey began to create the best BBQ sauces I could. From my family to yours we hope you enjoy our sauces as much as we do!

About the sauce

Our BBQ sauces are based on regional BBQ flavors. Our first two sauces are Barbed Wire Sauces of VA Sweet BBQ in a Medium Heat and Barbed Wire Sauces of VA Sweet with a Tangy flavor. Our Medium Heat is for those who like a small amount of heat and our Tangy is for those a bit bolder. These sauces are made with Brown Sugar and Molasses to give them the sweet and Cayenne Pepper to give them the heat.

This flavor is in honor of our home state of Virginia and what we feel is the most popular sauce in our part of Virginia. Our part of Virginia likes ketchup based sauces that are sweet with a touch of heat.